Capsules – 15mg CBD (10 Pack)

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10 Capsules per Pack  | Available in 15mg CBD 

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10 Capsules per Pack 

Available in 15mg CBD 

Regular strength CBD capsules for everyday medical treatment and maintenance of health. Negligible THC content make this product ideal for those seeking medical benefits without psychoactive effects.

Cold pressed organic extra virgin coconut oil infused with CBD rich hemp oil. Packaged in purple coded gelatin capsules.

This product may melt or soften if exposed to heat. If you receive melted Trichome Gardens CBD Capsules please chat with an agent.


25 reviews for Capsules – 15mg CBD (10 Pack)

  1. These CBD caps have been a life changer for me. PC always delivers, and they have taken away the stress of finding my meds in small town sask. Thanks again and pls keep up the great work

  2. Quick to take effect. Then again everybody reacts differently. Very pleased with this product. Might order again in the future!

  3. I have chrones and these work wonders.

  4. These capsules have literally changed my life! My anxiety is way down and I am calm enough that my sleep has improved. My resting heart rate has gone from 86bpm down to 72bpm. I feel confident that continuing to use these capsules I will eventually be able to decrease my 4 daily prescription medications for my anxiety!

  5. I hurt my back and took one of these and I feel so much better, no anti inflammatories.

  6. These are great. I use these for anxiety and they work great. No real side effects to note.

    I take 1 every other day and it keeps me on the level.

  7. great for chrones disease

  8. Great for muscle pain and over all relaxation. Will definitely be purchasing again.

  9. Cannot believe how well this works for my sore back was leary about how good it was going to work but this is great, will definetly order again

  10. This product helped me with my pains.

  11. good dose

  12. hopefully will help me in the long run

  13. My sister take this for to control her daily pain because of her fybromyalgy.
    Super nice

  14. The CBD 15mg, help me against stress and I stopped taking the drugs my G.P”. prescribed to me. I sleep well and my life is better. When, the product will be back?

  15. Seems to lesson the pain in my wrist.

  16. Nice light treat!

  17. This product helps me relax and calm me down in difficult times. My specialist doctor is aware of the dosage and has not issued any contraindication, with the prescribed drugs.

  18. they help with sleep

  19. Works great to relax my overall symptoms of Lupus but I’m not sure this is strong enough for me. Would love if they came in 100 packs. That is not a lot to use everyday when you have chronic pains, but very nice product !

  20. awesome and no nasty taste

  21. My neck has been hurting for a few days so I tried one cap yesterday and a few minutes later my neck was like brand new : )
    Bigger packs would be great but amazing med nonetheless when you don’t want to be high but still have all the benefits of CBD. A must try.

  22. Nice Product, took two capsules to take away the pain

  23. Not bad nice size

  24. Good done the trick

  25. Ot too bad

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