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This golden drop of goodness is a semi-translucent, 99% pure decarboxylated and distilled tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) sap. Dollar for dollar, this morsel of oil is worth more by weight than just about any other consumable substance on the market, and for good reason: Cannabis oil distillates are arguably the future of cannabis concentrates.

53 reviews for Distillate – 1g

  1. Very sticky and potent. You’ll need to have this in a room with a temperature of about 80 degrees to get it to run into a flyte cartridge. So thick lol, but wow the effects are spot on. A good substitute if flower and shatter are getting harsh.

  2. Potent and the sativa high from this will make your day bright and shiney. Very thick so make sure you’re in a room thats about 80 degrees to get it into a flyte cartridge lol. The dog walker og is obviously heavier and not recommended for daytime use. Good job seven star, now more strain variety!!

  3. strong and dreamy 🙂 nice product

  4. Not vert potent on my bong for the amount I used, definitely too thick to put in a cartridge. I think I am going to try it sublingual next time.

  5. Amazing stuff, great taste and smell, smooth and enjoyable!

  6. I’m liking these distillates. I’ve been smoking for 20+ years and these are definitely hard hitters. The strawnana is my favourite for taste. But the pineapple Express hits hard. Great products.

  7. Very nice stuff. Tastes like the white freezies to me haha. Hits hard. Will order again

  8. PE is one of those 60sativas I really enjoy along with White widow, bruce banner and blue dream. Hits hard but doesn’t lock you to the couch. It’s hard justifying buying anything weed related since I grow all my own, but this distillate has something special to it and at this price and quality I’ll keep buying

  9. The taste on this one is remarkable. It’s like how did they get it so perfect? It’s some kind of strawberry/banana smoothie/dessert like taste that just leaves you wanting more and the indica stone gives a nice fuzzy feeling that lasts, doesn’t stay in stock long and there’s good reason. Very convenient after loading bong bowls or massive bags in the volcano vaporizer, a couple hits from this in a good pen/cart and you get the same feeling without all the loading of bowls and mess

  10. Has a nice Apple jacks taste and hits well

  11. One of these will refill 2-3 empty Haaze cartridges and it works great. Dog Walker is bomb.

  12. One of my favourites always try to have some around

  13. I use this as an add-on and put a few drops on the paper. Smooth and really potent. You have to warm it up a little first, thick stuff.

  14. Great for joints or rigs. Strong no matter the strain.

  15. Good in joints

  16. Good in joints

  17. Great in joints

  18. This distillate is as clear as water and has a great flavour. So smooth.

  19. was great distillate very thick taste was wow
    the quality you expect from seven star ! two thumbs up

  20. GG is always A+

  21. Blue Dream is yummy.

  22. I like the flavor of the strawnana

  23. I’ve tried 5 different strains and really like the distillates. Always happy with seven star products!

  24. It’s been well over three years purchasing this distillate and I can honestly say the quality has never let me down. Super potent, very clear/clean looking and the taste is excellent. Just ordered four Blue Dream on the great sale. I wanted to say thanks and hope the strain variety gets more diverse again soon.

    PS: Please bring back the Pineapple Express if nothing else 🙂

  25. hard to open

  26. Blue Dream and Lemon Haze are fantastic. Reorder.

  27. Refilled an empty Haaze cartridge with this LIKE A BOSS. Tasty.

  28. Solid distillate and at a great price!

  29. Good solid distillate.

  30. Great distillate just whish the syringe was better.

  31. AAAA!

  32. I love these refillables

  33. Best I have had

  34. Great product

  35. Preferred brand hands down.

  36. this stuff is amazing! great flavour, and packs a real punch. and a good deal!

  37. Hard to push out. This is really the only bad thing one can say about this great stuff!

  38. i like these, i will be buying again,

  39. Not bad for the price.

  40. great product

  41. Absolutely amazing. This seasoned toker was handed his head into his hands within seconds!!!

  42. Always worth keeping on hand.

  43. Bought many times, good stuff clean, strong, tastes great

  44. Amazing, clear high that lasts a while.

  45. This was an awesome buzz

  46. Great product ! Nice high. Don’t draw too hard. Should come with how to get it out properly tho haha. Can be confusing for someone who always buy non rechargeable vape pen.

    Heat it up with an hairdryer and you’re all set !

  47. I buy so much of this stuff. It actually has good flavour too, which can be missing in some distillate. Awesome for refills. I figure I’m doing the environment a little bit better by getting multiple use out of disposables in particular, but works great in other carts that aren’t tamperproof too. The syringes are especially easy to use if you buy a bunch of steel ends with a wide enough gauge that screw onto the syringes (Amazon for dirt cheap). Just get the oil nice and warm and with the ends it reaches right to the bottom of the cartridge and flows right out for an easy fill. I’ve had the occasional one that the “plunger” doesn’t seem to fit quite right and it’s really difficult to get the oil out. But considering how many I’ve now purchased it’s a great product and highly recommend it.

  48. Love this stuff. Doesn’t have that gross artificial taste.

  49. Everyone should get this.

  50. excellente distilate for the price!

  51. Not the best distillate on here, but a worthy runner-up.

  52. Good product

  53. Excellent distillate which boosts my gummies and makes everything hit faster, longer and harder.

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