Unicorn Hunter Hash

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Pressed Hash

Earn 10-280 Cargo Points worth $0.50$14.00!
Earn 10-280 Cargo Points worth $0.50$14.00!
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If you’re looking for a hash that’s out of this world, you need to try Unicorn Hunter Hash! This soft, sticky hash has a light, spicy aroma that will tantalize your senses. The high comes on quickly and provides a balanced hybrid experience that lets you enjoy the high in a social atmosphere before slowly sinking into a calm state. Whether you’re enjoying it with friends or solo, Unicorn Hunter Hash is sure to provide an unforgettable experience.

2 reviews for Unicorn Hunter Hash

  1. AC

    Great bang for your buck! I was skeptical, given the pricepoint, but it really gives a lovely full bodied tasty first hit… as for feels— it’s not an intense high at first, more like a gentle calm warm wave washes over the body (finding it great for chronic pain in neck shoulders an back) like a warm hug and then the euphoric headiness kicks in, and it becomes mentally relaxing too, it will def be great sleep aid, but I can see that if you are up and active or social it wouldn’t knock you on your ass, at least not immediately, but eventually if you find your self in a comfy position, as I have now, there’s definitely a melty couch lock aspect to it too, so basically don’t get on the couch if you plan on getting back up 😉

  2. DE

    Nice and smooth great price

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