Cherry Oil (Kootenay Labs)

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1 gram Syringe

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Earn 20 Cargo Points worth $1.00!
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Kootenay Labs – Cherry Oil

Known by many names, cherry oil, (extracted cannabis oil), is a rainbow of opportunity for the price-conscious consumer. Whether you enjoy smoke, vape, edible or topical it is the most affordable way to bring this plant into your life. Kootenay Labs is different from other cannabis companies. They believe that medicine can be fun and that candy doesn’t have to be bad for you. Through research and rigorous testing (getting high), Kootenay Labs can finely tune the individual experience of life by making colours brighter, pain duller and laughs harder.

Contains: 1 Gram

Store in a cool dry place | Keep out of reach of children | Net Weight: 1 Gram | Avoid direct exposure to light

62 reviews for Cherry Oil (Kootenay Labs)

  1. TG

    Used it to refill some carts Nice taste ‘n feel!

  2. LR

    I Like It!

  3. CG

    Has very little effect on me.

  4. BR

    The cherry oil works pretty good, unfortunately I pulled the plunger too hard when trying to suck up excess material and had a big air bubble so half the syringe squeezed out on me when I put the plunger back in the syringe, be careful when using

  5. TG

    Great budget refill for carts! Smooth vaping!

  6. TG

    Great budget refill for carts!

  7. LR

    always great..

  8. ND

    I bought three grams of this oil and was highly disappointed. It doesn’t burn right and it gave me a weird headache, I would like a refund if possible. Not impressed

  9. DE

    Such a great price and great stuff

  10. DE

    Cannot beat this price anywhere and great mellow buzz

  11. DE

    Good value for $$ not as good as other brands

  12. SN

    Have tried both indica and sativa a little bit harsher then others I’ve tried but great fir the value

  13. DE

    Pretty good

  14. TG

    Great refill for carts! Smoother than honey oil.

  15. DE

    Nice flavour

  16. DE

    My go to oil. Always good

  17. DE

    Beat one yet.

  18. MG

    Nice and potent. Got the sativa and wow must be a big hybrid strain used like bruce banner, white widow, or a combination of strains would make more sense with this feeling. Heavy hitting and great price.

  19. DE

    Wow surprisingly good for that price

  20. GK

    Good product

  21. DE

    Really liked this oil

  22. MG

    This is such good stuff. It has that dank skunky smell and the high / effects are similar to most other full spec higher end products like live resin. The only thing is its very thick and viscous, so you’ll need a heater or blow dryer to load carts and a good vape with pre heat settings if you plan on filling a cart. I loaded up a nice high quality pk 510 vape cart with it and just amazing results. I think I’ll be purchasing it as my go to vape for some time to come.

  23. DE

    Best stuff for the price

  24. EV

    Good for price

  25. DE

    Love this stuff

  26. SK

    It was good

  27. DE

    Great price now

  28. RF

    Good quality for the price

  29. RF

    Love it

  30. LR

    Good igh

  31. RF

    Always good

  32. DE

    Can’t go wrong for that price

  33. DE

    Such a great price

  34. RF


  35. DE

    Very good for that price

  36. DE

    Good quality

  37. DE


  38. LB

    I’ve ordered this multiple times. It’s the real deal and gets you ripped af. Perfect for caking a rolling paper and twisting up a fat joint

  39. PK

    Can’t wait to try again. Ordered again today

  40. RF

    Always good

  41. WF

    Nice smoth oil

  42. WF

    Nice high

  43. WF

    Nice high

  44. WF

    Nice oil

  45. WF

    Nice high

  46. WF

    Nice buzz

  47. WF

    Nice buzz

  48. WF

    Good price

  49. WF

    Very nice buzz

  50. WF

    Nice buzz

  51. DE

    Great taste

  52. CH

    To dark but gets you high

  53. CH

    Great for the price

  54. DE

    My favorite

  55. DE

    My favorite

  56. DE

    So good for the price

  57. DE

    Great price

  58. DE

    Great oil

  59. PK

    Use to take 1 day from stoney creek or mississauga to Montreal now it takes 4 days. 1 star

  60. TG

    Morning coffee enhancer!

  61. WF

    Cant go wrong for the price

  62. DE

    Love it

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