Shatter (Seven Star)

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Earn 24 Cargo Points worth $1.20!
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A brittle, glasslike cannabis extract with a tendency to snap when handled. Shatter is named for its breakability, like broken glass, and is favored for its ease in handling while dabbing. It can contain up to about 80% concentrations of THC and other cannabinoids, and all the wonderful effects of each strain.

208 reviews for Shatter (Seven Star)

  1. DW

    Nice flavor. Very uplifting. Smooth. Nice head high.

  2. DW

    First time buying this brand. Very impressed. Will but again. Good price. Great flavor.

  3. TR

    Really nice flavour it’s smooth and hard hitting recommended for sure 😉

  4. CC

    Amazing product. The flavor is fantastic in a rig, a nice coffee and chocolate mix.
    New favorite brand

  5. FP

    I’ve ordered a few different shatters and so far this one is my favorite

  6. FP

    My favorite yet. Good flavor good effects

  7. EB

    This is my second shatter purchase from pc, my first was phyto’s blue dream and it was 5 star for sure. But the Seven star god shatter was not upto snuff. Consistency was quite sticky making it very hard to deal with, taste was ok and smelled great once i finally got it onto my nail. I will be sticking to phyto from now on.
    Smell 8/10
    Taste 6/10
    High 7/10
    Stability 4/10

  8. ES

    Nice calm feeling,smooth on the lung’s taste good also. definitely worth the ‘sale’ price… Great for appetite loss anxiety, stress and a.d.d,ADHD

  9. JT

    Superbly energetic and hazy. A good social one to have around. This was my first time trying sevenstar, and i’m not dissapointed. It catches you a bit in the back of the throat. Not the smoothess i’ve had, but definitely not near the worst.

  10. BH

    Great for smoking all day long … a little on the sticky side … but really good stuff

  11. LR

    Very stick resin type shatter, hard to work with. On the plus side, awesome taste, hints of berries and sweetness, great high, luv
    the taste.

  12. JN

    Very rich smell, earthy taste. seven star is my new favourite shatter

  13. JN

    Actually smells like candy! amazing product!

  14. AM

    Excellent surprise ! A beautiful dab !

  15. AM

    Taste good, but you have to fight with it cuz it’s too sticky.

  16. SS

    Very flavorful stuff!! Really good!!

  17. SS


  18. SS

    Awesome taste, and strong!!

  19. SF

    I vaped this and let’s just say I was introduced to my new friend Mr. Coma

  20. EM

    Out of all the flavors out there I can’t believe how much you get out of the Jaeger strains. Not only does the flavor hit right away so do the effects of this potent strain.

  21. EM

    Very golden color and breaks like glass. Sativa dominant but effects felt are more sedative than uplifting. Exceeded my expectations don’t let the name fool you.

  22. LD

    it was very disappointing with the texture, shatter seems not have enough dry in vacuum,but efficacy was there,i will buy different strain and see if it still stuck on my fingers.

  23. JB

    This strain is amazing !!! I use it in the morning and it gets me going better than strong coffee

  24. JG

    Loved it, heavy hitting and great for pain relief

  25. JG

    Good stuff, tastes peppery and cheesy, the high is balanced and pretty long lasting

  26. JG

    Wow the taste and effects are out of this world. I got six kinds of seven star shatter to try out and this could easily be the best

  27. TB

    No matter how long you keep this in the freezer it is still gummy (even after a week). The flavour is ok and it is effective but it is frustrating to try and use with a vape pen. This was on sale and I would not purchase it again. I will happily stick with the other brands P C carries

  28. JG

    First product I tried from SS and was very good. Uplifting and tasty just like AK should be.

  29. JG

    Nice licorice flavor and I didn’t find it too sedating unless it’s close to my bed time

  30. JG

    Hempstar is that perk you up strain and after trying an awesome ounce special I get the shatter, even better and the effects go right to your head. Get ready for that sinus sensation lol it’s strong with this one

  31. JC

    Amazing stuff, very uplifting and energizing plus it tastes great. Highly recommend

  32. FP

    Oooooh yeeah love it ! Nice shatter

  33. FP

    It was okay…Not in my favorites but the taste is reaal good !

  34. KS

    This is a very relaxing strain, Ive tried both the budder and shatter and prefer the shatter version of this strain. Its a more mellow high, the package also says its good for reading if anyone is interested.

  35. PM

    Like the colour really smelly great taste. Just to soft and maleable

  36. CF

    bomb stuff

  37. TS

    I’ve tried a few different shatters now and this is by far my favourite strain! The happy euphoric feeling comes on nicely at first and you settle in nicely, like the description says. Works great for headaches, stress relief, gut issues – I have Ulcerative Colitis and this strain works amazingly! I couldn’t wait for Pot Cargo to come back online and get more stock on this rare gem!

  38. TS

    Not my favourite strain. I purchased this at the same time as Bruce Banner shatter and this strain didn’t hold a candle to Bruce!
    It was ok for a mellow buzz, nothing crazy. Was not a good daytime strain for me.

  39. JM

    pretty good new shatter I’ve never seen before. out of like 15 strains I’ve tried, only 2 were the right way in shatter form. the rest were very runny and hard to work with and not much taste. not gonna lie, pretty good effects though when I got diamonds shatter it was a good snap and pull. it’s only the seven star stuff that was runny and hard to work with. this stuff was ok, not much taste either but good buzz

  40. KS

    One of my favorite shatters so far for night time besides purple god. Really really relaxing and sedative, perfect indica. Wish it was in stock lol.

  41. MS

    Flavour was great and the effect was even better. Nice calm relaxed “I don’t want to move” feeling. Helped me with my anxiety/OCD/PTSD and got a good two hour nap in from my horrible insomnia

  42. MS

    I found another winner for my primary insomnia & pain relief! Thank you seven star and potcargo! Very present smooth taste.

  43. MS

    So yummy tasting and helps with all my medical needs of eating disorder (lack of eating etc), PTSD, anxiety and knocks my primary insomnia for a loop in the end lol!

  44. MM

    Great stuff. Long time smoker, this is one of my favourite concentrates! Great for daytime use. Good buzz without the burnout.

  45. EL

    Tastes delicious when smoked and gets you high, plus I love the color and the packaging. I got it on sale for $35

  46. NE

    I was so stoked to see that Pot Cargo offered so many of the Seven Star’s shatters that I ended up buying six, with Cheese making the list OF COURSE! I have had the pleasure of smoking the Cheese strain, and the shatter was even better! I did find it had a sharp taste; not cheesy, but peppery to the point that my tongue tingled and felt slightly numb, the way cloves can make your mouth feel. This shatter is some of the best for the best price and the high was really wonderful; I can still function and do chores, play video games or do whatever I need to do, but I did it all with a smile on my face thanks to CHEESE! 😀

  47. NE

    I have seen Alien Irene in flower form here and there and have never been able to try it for myself… until I found this shatter. First off, I have to say I love the Seven Star brand and Pot Cargo is awesome for carrying the large selection that they have. My package arrived within two business days and it was very securely packaged- which I am always grateful for. Alien Irene is actually a really lovely high for me- I have ADHD and although some “cerebral” strains have affected me negatively in the past, this strain was comfortable and made me feel… good. Just really good. It has a pleasant, fresh taste, and it vapes like a dream!

  48. NE

    Pink Kush is one of my all-time favourite strains, in every form it comes in. I am not sure what kind of magical spell was used to create this strain, but every single time I get my hands on Pink Kush, it makes me feel happy. It always brings such a nice, relaxing, simple high that doesn’t make one feel too stoned, too giggly, too hungry, too tired etc. For someone like me- stressed out often, has sleep issues, health issues, depression- vaping Pink Kush always makes me feel like I’ve wrapped myself in a soft, warm, weighted blanket and that everything really will be okay… <3

  49. NE

    To be honest, the first vape with Cactus Breath left something to be desired… I wasn’t sure if I was using enough! Nah, I tried again the next day, and what a great high. Since the shatter was the first time I have been able to try the strain, I was very excited, and I eventually realized that the mellow/calm I was feeling after I tried it was a direct result. It is an interesting high for someone that has a high tolerance and someone that is stressie and depressie all of the time, as you aren’t quite aware of the high until you realize you’re not so stressie nor depressie! Cactus Breath is what I call a Ninja strain- you almost don’t notice how relaxed you are… until you get up ;P

  50. NE

    Gorilla Glue #4 is a go-to strain for pain, when available, so Black Glue sounded like it would step up to the challenge. I’m very glad I bought it; as a frequent migraine sufferer, I found Black Glue to help take the edge off of the nausea, body aches and pains, and obvious crippling head, sinus and jaw pain that goes along with my migraines. It really means a lot for my quality of life when I can use my vape with Black Glue; helping me get comfortable while laying in bed. I tried this shatter outside of a migraine as well, and it definitely made some routine shoulder pain, back pain, and even severe cramping pain feel like it was calming down. Wonderful stuff!
    PS Pot Cargo’s shipments always arrive quickly and extremely well packaged and I love them for it!

  51. TB

    Great stuff buy it regularly

  52. JR

    Great Price

  53. JR

    Good price

  54. BK

    Been buying this for a while, Seven Star never disappoints. Depends on the strain but it’s almost always the perfect consistency to snap and dab etc.

  55. SH

    Seven Star is the only brand of shatter that I will smoke.

  56. SH

    I am always satisfied with Seven Star shatter.

  57. SD

    I bought the skittles strain and really liked it , cant wait to order it again

  58. SM

    really good product and a fun surprise to add to the mix

  59. IM

    just great

  60. IM

    shat shat shat

  61. IM

    Discount code sent to your email

  62. IM


  63. MM

    Great shatter!

  64. SD

    Good product , wish it was less sticky and more like glass

  65. LG


  66. LG

    very good

  67. ZK

    Normally I prefer budder but this shatter is exquisite! Beautiful color, flavor, and aroma. I tried cactus breath and loved it and I’ll be ordering more today

  68. SG

    Seven Star always comes correct!! 5/5 Always a part of my orders!!

  69. SD

    Good product

  70. LT

    Seven Star is the gold standard as far as I’m concerned. You can really taste the strain in all its glory. It tends to be gummy, but that’s probably because it’s so terpy. My only complaint is: one out of every 6-7 has decomposed into a gross buddery state.

  71. JK

    Skitttelz has amazing flavor!

  72. JK

    Cactus breath is worth it.

  73. JK

    Favorite shatter!

  74. CH

    Good shatter but got tired of it

  75. FP

    Perfect as always + a edible Xmas Gift thank you PG

  76. CM

    Their shatter can be hit and miss. The quality isn’t as good as the budder. 50% of the time the product comes as dust instead of shatter.

  77. CM

    Animal face is my fav strain.

  78. ZK

    Seven star shatter is always good. It can be a bit sugary so snapping a piece off isn’t as convenient but this comes hand in hand with it having a great full flavor. I’ve actually grown to prefer the sticky stuff because I know that I’ll be getting good flavor and a nice high. Just keep your stuff in the fridge when you can.

  79. TB

    Loved it

  80. ZK

    Always good.

  81. LL

    good stuff !!!

  82. JT

    fun and tasty

  83. TG

    This has nothing to do with shatters found elsewhere on Internet. Will order again!

  84. KG


  85. KG


  86. KG


  87. SJ

    This brand never disappoints!

  88. JT

    Second best shatter product after Diamonds stuff

  89. MD

    It was great

  90. CS

    Thank you!

  91. MB

    my favorite

  92. RB

    It is very tasty! Does what it’s supposed to do. Really like it.

  93. SM

    I always buy this shatter, its the bomb

  94. SE

    Epic flavour! A little sticky but still my fav

  95. MW

    my new favourite dabs

  96. JK

    Best company on the market!

  97. JK

    Great shatter

  98. LP

    It was good

  99. TB

    Tasty and affordable

  100. JK

    Not bad but a little sticky

  101. JT

    Honestly the shatter is too liquid and difficult to work with and there does seem to be strains that respond better to their extraction method making it hit or miss

  102. RL

    Great shatter — loved the Jager one and enjoyed the mix and match

  103. CP


  104. BA

    Works great! I use in vape pipe not pen and it is awesome! Love the effects and that I can go go go 😁

  105. ER

    Very Good product.

  106. JK

    Good but sticky

  107. AB


  108. DP

    so good!

  109. ZK

    Reliable product and a personal favorite. Cactus breath and gelato have been 2 of my all time favorites for sure.

  110. LR

    Yummy. It hit the spot

  111. LR

    Wow.. Tasty!! With a hint of Pine Terpenes in the background. Very sticky & gooey .. but she’s a doing what’s needed.. and I’m lovin’ it..

  112. JK

    Platinum OG was solid.

  113. DB

    Second best

  114. CG

    Not a fan.

  115. CG

    I love the sativa strains

  116. MB

    Love the taste,but was quite sticky, Not hard shatter. I still like the flavours of this company though

  117. RB


  118. JK

    Not bad but was a little melted.

  119. GB

    Some sorts are really hard burning and really harsh

  120. MM

    dank asf

  121. TB

    Can never go wrong

  122. TB


  123. JK

    Gods green crack always a favorite.

  124. GB

    Burns really fast !

  125. ZK

    Very reliable product. Always has a good flavor and high with plenty of strains to choose from.

  126. SB

    All these shatters are fire!

  127. CH

    very great taste

  128. JK

    Great shatter!

  129. JK


  130. CS

    Good product

  131. CS

    Good product

  132. CS

    Good product

  133. CS

    Good product

  134. CH

    Strong high, great taste, love the texture too

  135. CH

    my bro loves this stuff

  136. CB

    j’aime et j’en commande encore

  137. JM

    Good taste

  138. JK


  139. DP

    100% satisfied 😌

  140. DP

    for shatter fans, top of the line quality and amazing taste

  141. ZK

    Reliable. Good quality, good price.

  142. RS

    Consistent quality

  143. TB

    Classic favourite

  144. JM


  145. JM


  146. TB


  147. LB

    Tasty and got a nice high

  148. TB

    Always great

  149. DM


  150. MT

    Amazing shatter, worth every penny. Great long lasting high.

  151. MT

    Pure gold. Amazing high. 5/5 would recommend.

  152. MT

    Don’t stop, believing! And buy some and feel the effects of the universe.

  153. MT

    Seriously, I buy this all the time. Don’t ever stop selling this, which also means, people, don’t ever stop buying this!

  154. MT

    Pure hybrid, pure gold. Buy some. Trust me.

  155. MT

    God himself helped make this shatter.

  156. MT

    Never ever stop selling this, ever.

  157. MT

    I have never picked a shatter from this site I didn’t like. I highly recommend trying.

  158. MT

    Seven star knows how to make shatter. I’ve ordered 20+ times easily and wont hesitate to pay more if needed.

  159. MT

    JUST BUY IT ALREADY! You’re wasting perfectly good smoke time reading reviews on pure gold!

  160. MT

    5/5, any day, every day.

  161. SD

    To me this is the best shatter you can find on PC , nice color , flavour and easy to manipulate.

  162. RJ


  163. CG

    My favorite shatter brand

  164. AK

    Great product, a little messy though.

  165. LC

    pretty good, better and cheaper than anything local

  166. GK

    Nice and tasty

  167. GK

    Good product I recommend

  168. GM


  169. GK

    Nice stuff

  170. VJ

    Pretty much any seven star shatter is gonna do you in. But in a good way. The hybrids are the best cuz you get a fantastic high and then a nice burn out to give you a beautiful night’s rest.

  171. VJ

    Seven star shatter is so sweet. You could almost mistake it for candy. It has a very nice smooth sweet taste.

  172. VJ

    This stuff is the next best thing since sliced bread

  173. VJ

    This stuff is the bees knees . It’s as sweet as honey it hits the taste buds like honey and give your that nice high.

  174. VJ

    Always the best.

  175. VJ

    Seven star is a fantastic product

  176. ZK

    I keep coming back for more

  177. LB

    Great taste and great effects

  178. SM

    Was great would’ve given 5 stars if the shatter was more shattery rather than liquidy

  179. JK

    La kush cake 🎂!!!

  180. JK

    La kush cake!!!

  181. TB

    Always great

  182. TF


  183. ZK

    Reliable quality

  184. TB

    Good stuff

  185. WP

    Super taste

  186. WP

    Super taste

  187. TB


  188. ZK

    Fruit Loops was super gummy and soft so it was difficult to manipulate but the flavor and effects were stellar.
    LA Kushcake was brittle and glass like. Easy handling. good vibes

  189. CH

    I use to smoke this all the time, if i could afford it i would buy it

  190. CH

    This is my favorite brand out of all

  191. CH

    Strawberry cough is super sticky

  192. BJ

    My hands down favorite

  193. CH

    great stuff

  194. WF

    Good price

  195. WF

    Good price nice high

  196. WF

    Taste nice good high

  197. RF

    always liked seven star

  198. LP

    Great tasting shatter

  199. LP

    7 star all the way

  200. LP

    Seven stars

  201. LP

    Oh yeah!

  202. MG

    Haven’t had this in years. Got a couple mimosa to see if it’s still like it was. Yes it is. Great terps and effects. Worth paying the extra few bucks for over other brands and only complaint here is variety as always. More sativa strains pls!! I rememeber buying it in 17/18 there were like thirty strains.

  203. MG

    Ok scratch that last review.. You can’t even carry this stuff in a case without it turning to literal superglue… Also it got harsh real fast, not the seven star of the past. Unfortunately.

    We can’t always keep it in the fridge, you know. The older stuff had a way better consistency and potency. Also it gives the same boring effects as distillate after a while. Terps aren’t as good as the past. I see they have bruce banner my favorite strain and I don’t even want it. Bummer

  204. CH

    very sticky stuff

  205. CH

    would buy again

  206. RF

    Good Quality

  207. WF

    It gets me really high good evening relaxer

  208. WF

    Vaped it got wicked high

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