Gummies (Dames Gummy Co.) – 200mg THC

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200MG THC per pack

10x 20MG THC Gummies

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Earn 12 Cargo Points worth $0.60!
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200MG THC per pack

10x 20MG THC Gummies

The newest THC edible’s to hit the market come from the creators of Dames Gummy Co. All we have to say is they are mouthwateringly delicious, don’t forget they’re infused. The mixed fruit flavoured 200mg pack comes with 10 – 20mg gummy’s dusted in sugar. Treat yourself to a soft high quality THC oil infused gummy after long day to relax, unwind and have an uninterrupted night of sleep.

Kick back and have a dank delight with the newest THC oil infused gummy’s from Dames Gummy Co. Once you’ve tried the confectionery mastered recipe of Cola gummy’s from Dames Gummy Co. the classic treat will never be the same. Even though they taste divine, they pack a punch leaving you in a euphoric relaxed state. Enjoy a 200mg package of 10 – 20mg dusted sugar cola bottles with only the highest quality THC cannabis oil ingredients.

Ingredients: Corn Syrup, Water, Gelatine, Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavours, Pectin, Coconut Oil, Carnauba Wax, Cannabis Oil

This product may melt or soften if exposed to heat. If you receive melted Dames Gummies please chat with an agent.

204 reviews for Gummies (Dames Gummy Co.) – 200mg THC

  1. Not as good as Dose. But still works. Taste is okay.

  2. Look good havent tried yet

  3. I’ve made a lot of edibles and have tried a decent variety, I’d say these are pretty good. I got the cherry ones and the flavor was good and the texture was just like any other gummy candy. I take these for insomnia and half of one of these with some chemdawg and I pass right out ^_^

  4. These were pretty good. I got Pineapple. I liked the flavour and texture (nice and soft), but I wish they were just a bit more flavourful. High was nice and came on in good amount of time. Was expecting a heavier hit for a 20mg dose so that’s why 4 stars. I’ll try a double dose next time 🙂
    Overall I enjoyed these and would order again. Especially for the great price.

  5. Loved the sugar coating on the mixed fruit package!! Good taste and accurate dosing.

  6. Awesome good taste

  7. Tasted good. Didnt do much for me

  8. Better than the other brands

  9. Nice Feel, smell bad

  10. Not bad taste but little effects

  11. Nice feeling from 1 a little loaded with 2!

  12. Yummy and effective!

  13. Yummy, effective and great price!

  14. amazing flavour, nice buzz

  15. Delicious and effective

  16. disappointed in taste but overall good buzz

  17. Fabulous

  18. Is it indica or stavia

  19. Perfect for a relaxing day

  20. It’s really hard eat just one

  21. These don’t disappoint

  22. These are actually pretty good

  23. These were a pleasant surprise, love the flavor & a good buzz!

  24. Good flavor and already purchased more!

  25. tasty

  26. A regular for sleepytimes

  27. these are great

  28. Best gummies going

  29. These are great

  30. So tasty and one gummy is surprisingly effective

  31. the worst gummies I ever tasted. A rancid taste. Never again!

  32. Very yummy, not too strong. Good day time gummy.

  33. very tasty and strong

  34. These are great

  35. Very good tasting and nice relax feeling

  36. Great

  37. Extra! Took 2 and now I’m stocked

  38. bon mais gout de cannabis très présent

  39. Very nice tasting, feeling very relaxed

  40. Great

  41. Perfect smooth taste

  42. Good bang for your buck…I eat half a pack at a time…I have tried about 6 flavours and they are all good. I crave them a little.

  43. Insane! I took 2 and was knocked out!!

  44. Maybe I got a bad batch, but the mango flavoured ones smell like Play-doh and taste disgusting. Still works,but other flavours are much more palatable

  45. Great value for money and tastes pretty good.

  46. These gummies are the strongest ive tried. They give a fabulous body buzz and then help me sleep. I recently had dental surgery and these helped a lot with my pain.

  47. Awesome product!!!

  48. Not bad

  49. My favourite gummies by far. They pack a good punch and are consistent.

  50. Best choice mg TCH/price …. also sink them to desolve de sugar around them. Will be able to get rid off must of the half of the 14g sugar/ candy

  51. Excellent gummies, consistent flavour, strength and great price! I recommend them to all my friends

  52. Nice taste

  53. Tastes great and love the packaging.

  54. Some were like a weird texture and were all squished together which was kinda sticky but other than that a good taste and a great high, super easy to manage dosage

  55. fantastic

  56. Reliable and potent. Great tasting!

  57. Have tried lots of different edible gummies and these are for sure the best.

  58. Great gummies

  59. excellent

  60. Decent kick! Geat product!

  61. Best deal for mg TCH/price!
    Tried a lot of brands of gummies and these are one of the most consistent.

  62. Amazing flavours, great high and perfect mg for dosing.

  63. I absolutely love the variety of flavors Dames come in. They are a great gummy to start out with if you’re new to the cannabis scene. I would have given a 5 star except for the one package of Dames I received had a funny after taste, not sure if they silicon package in it affected the taste.

  64. Never disappoint! Consistent clean high.

  65. Awesome as usual

  66. Every flavour I’ve ever tried of these gummies are fantastic!!

  67. Love Dames =)

  68. Love the Dames gummies, great price and consistent dosing with yummy flavours.

  69. Absolute favourite gummies ive come across.

  70. Good taste good high

  71. Theyre ok

  72. My favorite!

  73. didnt taste right

  74. Good buy great taste

  75. So good.

  76. Tastes really good and good high

  77. Fave edibles!

  78. Best edibles out there. Always try and have these on hand.

  79. great

  80. Favourite edibles ever bought

  81. These are the best bang for your buck. Great quality high and tasty as well. Try them. You won’t be disappointed.

  82. 👍🏼 Great 👍🏼

  83. Fave brand….perfect portions!

  84. Great tasting and love the selection of flavors available. Will be trying the remaining flavors in my next order!

  85. Nice product and good taste

  86. So far these are my favorite gummies. I like all the flavors, sometimes the mango ones taste a bit strange to me though. My favorite are the grape ones. =)

  87. Best ones in my opinion

  88. My best gummies:)

  89. The Cola flavor is my least favorite I think

  90. Little bit goes a long way with these

  91. Love them all

  92. Tasteful

  93. wicked

  94. Great gummies, I keep ordering the Cola bottles for the giggly effect they have and their amazing taste… BUT I did not like the Pina Colada in terms of taste and effect… (just my opinion)

  95. Dames is my go to cola pineapple r the best

  96. Yummy gummies! 5 STARS!

  97. Best I’ve had and you cannot go wrong for that price!

  98. Love the flavors!

  99. They are strong

  100. Always good

  101. Nice taste

  102. These were OK but not as good as twisted extracts.

  103. Best value for money. Great quality. Flavor preferences vary between individuals

  104. I thought these were really good compared to some others I have tried. Purchase with confidence! Even if you HATE the taste, you won’t care.

  105. Flavours are so true with very little weed after taste. “High”ly recommend!

  106. “High” quality!

  107. The Cola gummies are the best. I’ve had many other gummies that are the same “strength”, but none seem to give the Cola kick.

  108. these do the trick

  109. Taste good and work

  110. Just can’t get enough of the Pina Colada-flavoured ones!

  111. Always a favourite.

  112. Mango is delicious

  113. Great taste

  114. would highly recommend! I have tried multiple flavours and they all taste great with a strong high.

  115. tastes great, very effective high.

  116. the cola gummies are the best, taste great and they’re in the shape of bottles.

  117. Great!

  118. Gummies are as promised. I enjoy edibles on occasion and a half of bag was plenty.

  119. The best out there!

  120. These hit the spot.

  121. strong enough to do the job!

  122. Great tasting

  123. cola flavour is my favourite!

  124. Nice flavor

  125. excelletn

  126. These tasted good and did the trick. Wasn’t the right effect I was looking for

  127. These tasted good but it Wasn’t the right effect I was looking for

  128. Love these before bed

  129. not too strong, but works!

  130. Got these for my mom, she couldn’t sleep. She was hesitant but now a fan!

  131. Really good flavours and a nice buzz

  132. Always delicious!

  133. One of my favourites

  134. Great taste, nice high

  135. Yummy gummies!

  136. My “go to” gummy. Very consistant and yummy!

  137. Water melon is great!

  138. Tasty

  139. Yummy, love the mango flavor

  140. Love the coca-cola one!!

  141. Outstanding! Never disappoints!

  142. Not bad

  143. A little goes a long way

  144. I love the gummies with some THC. I only use to help me sleep and they are so tasty as well.

  145. Always reliable with dosing…cannot go wrong!

  146. Great for sleep.

  147. I love these! Got my friends wasted on one, it was amazing

  148. Best sleep aid I have found.

  149. Tasty and decently potent

  150. GREAT! Consistent quality and high. My go to!

  151. These are tasty, I take two at the time and it us perfect

  152. Delicious

  153. My favorite. Great flavour and buzz.

  154. I guess I’m a “light weight” I took one and wow, I had a very interesting night. I only take 1/4 now and I get a very good high! So relaxed and no worries!

  155. My favourite gummy. The cherry cola tastes fantastic and for me offers a consistent high. Would say the thc content is true to what’s advertised.

  156. Cheap price, nice taste and powerfull

  157. My go to! For the price you cannot go wrong!

  158. Great effect great taste Will reorder Them for sure

  159. Nice buzz.Will reorder Them for sure

  160. Miam i want mire of these

  161. I absolutely LOVE these. They taste great and work great too! The only exception to taste is the mango flavour but nonetheless a 5 stars in my heart haha

  162. Bring back grapefruit

  163. 40-60 mgs and hello couch

  164. love it

  165. Yummy gummies! Gumme more!

  166. Great

  167. Fantastic

  168. It was good

  169. Very tasty!

  170. Bought these to help me sleep. So tasty and potent! I forgot they were infused 😀

  171. very good product and always enjoy the buzz

  172. very good for the price and the product no complains

  173. Very good gummies

  174. Great tasting and great effects

  175. Favourite ones 👍🏻

  176. Taste is okay

  177. Taste pretty good and does the trick!

  178. Work great

  179. Great price and taste

  180. Does the trick

  181. My fav

  182. best edibles ever and bang for buck! 10/10 recommend

  183. Awesome gummies

  184. Great flavour

  185. Love these

  186. Tasty

  187. Great taste

  188. High mg count is great!

  189. Love these gummies. They provide exactly what I need when I want to just chill.

  190. Delicious

  191. These work everytime! My favorite gummies

  192. Some of the best gummy’s I’ve ever tried

  193. Fresh and tasty. Good high. Will buy again.

  194. I tried these for the first time and wow are they good! I have tried so many weed gummies and these are definitely 10/10.

  195. Great sleep

  196. Really good

  197. My favorite

  198. Great quality. I found even just one half of a gummy was enough

  199. These taste like actual candy – I was amazed when I ate them. They hit perfectly too!!

  200. Work great

  201. Good deal

  202. Favorite kind

  203. Great flavours

  204. Great flavours and perfect strength

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