Black Cube Peaches and Cream (MOTA) – THC

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1800mg THC – 200mg THC per Piece

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1800mg THC | 200mg THC per Piece

Mota’s Black Peaches and Cream Chocolate Cube is made with THC distillate and can be easily divided into nine pieces for medicating discreetly and conveniently into nine, 200mg pieces.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Cocoa powder, THC distillate, Whey protein powder, Whole milk powder, Soy lecithin, Organic dried peaches

This product may melt or soften if exposed to heat. If you receive a melted Mota Peaches and Cream Black Cube please chat with an agent.

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17 reviews for Black Cube Peaches and Cream (MOTA) – THC

  1. Taste: Good taste, but the after taste leaves some to be desired.
    Effects: Strong if 1 piece (200mg) is consumed. Half piece (100mg) is good for a day time use.
    Overall: I was hoping for alot more from this. The 1800mg grabbed my attention. I’ve had other edibles and infused items. The 100mg coconut infused capsules on this site are stronger than 1 piece (200mg). However they do pack a punch and are tasty. Better value can be had in the spheres, and capsules however.

  2. yes, awesome!!!

  3. What a waste of $90. Never got a buzz. Had others with very low tolerances test it as well and no effect. Tastes like 💩

  4. Excellent!!

  5. Very good kick…not a bad taste at all

  6. Love it!

  7. I over ate this and i passed out .. It tasted like weed but still decent

  8. Tastes pretty disgusting, but it’s an excellent bang for your buck.

  9. These are awesome but you can get carried away. They taste great too

  10. These are great

  11. bruh this was dank af

  12. Taste is very interesting.. but this chocolate is crazy and definitely for experience Cannabis users ! Would definitely purchase again . I hope they come out with more good flavours !

  13. taste could be better, but very strong!

  14. Ok, this stuff tastes like absolute garbage. Their efficacy and high potency are so good though, I don’t care.

  15. Hard hitting, half of one piece and I was done. Strong taste

  16. Don’t need a lot

  17. Don’t need a lot

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