Shatter (Kootenay Labs)

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Shatter – 1g

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Earn 16 Cargo Points worth $0.80!
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Kootenay Labs – Shatter

Kootenay Labs Shatter is light, snappy and tasty as a bouquet of flowers. Kootenay Labs is different from other cannabis companies. They believe that medicine can be fun and that candy doesn’t have to be bad for you. Through research and rigorous testing (getting high), Kootenay Labs can finely tune the individual experience of life by making colours brighter, pain duller and laughs harder.

Contains: 1 Gram

Store in a cool dry place | Keep out of reach of children | Net Weight: 1 Gram | Avoid direct exposure to light

133 reviews for Shatter (Kootenay Labs)

  1. Best shatter on the site!

  2. Very consistent.

  3. Burns really fast !!

  4. Best shatter on the site!

  5. Love these guy

  6. Nice flavours

  7. Kootenay Labs is delivering some good quality shatter at an amazing price. I’ve tried most shatters from this site and this $20 one holds up against the ones that sell for $30+
    The shatter breaks up nicely, has good colour to it , and tastes nice.

  8. great price!

  9. Best for the price.

  10. Lots of variety.

  11. Burns really fast too, but really good taste

  12. Best!!!

  13. Love it

  14. Awesome

  15. I like that these are organic and are a good price

  16. Burns well

  17. The peanut butter breath is always a good buy,

  18. Becoming a favourite brand fast

  19. Good quality shatter for such a sweet deal, I’ll definitely be buying again and again and again!

  20. Very satisfied of the product for the price

  21. Liked the product , will 100% pruchase again

  22. For the price im very surprise. good product

  23. I enjoy the Kootenay Organic shatter, its also the best prices for the quality, also all mine have weighed correctly so far

  24. Love it

  25. For the price Kootenay has some of the best tasting shatter 🙂

  26. I’m on the Purple Pug’s Breath and it’s pretty damn smooth, I have to say! Good price, too…definitely recommended.

  27. Decent quality shatter for cheap.

  28. i did not receive the strain i ordered. not impressed with the substituion

  29. Good quality for the price

  30. Loved it!

  31. Personal favourite

  32. Great deal always buy 4

  33. Decent quality for the price but I wish ot was more potent

  34. Cookies n Cream is a really nice hybrid

  35. Tasty. nice flavor.

  36. Best for the price!

  37. Great

  38. Awesome!

  39. Good quality for the price

  40. Classic

  41. great for the price love mixing into a bowl

  42. Love it for the price

  43. Best bang for your buck shatter.

  44. Best shatter on the site.

  45. Favorite brand around.

  46. Crumbly not too sticky which makes it easy to work with

  47. This shatter is just as good as the more expensive stuff

  48. Good product , i will order more

  49. Good Shatter

  50. Excellent value

  51. Very good taste at a reasonable price

  52. this is a good shatter for the price i will order more if this website will let me to

  53. Good quality

  54. très bon rapport qualité/prix

  55. Always great

  56. excellent

  57. Why pay more

  58. Good product

  59. Well worth it!!!! Definitely will buy more.

  60. snap easy i like

  61. Good smoke and nice burn on the banger

  62. Good smoke and keeps the high going

  63. My favorite cause they all have different taste

  64. Pretty good

  65. I would recommend. Good price with mix and match

  66. Smooth and tasty

  67. No complaints

  68. Another great PC product

  69. Just try some

  70. Good shatter

  71. Great stuff. You’ll be happy you tried it

  72. Really good

  73. Always out of stock, very popular. I like the little sayings on the back

  74. I like the little sayings on the back

  75. I like the the burnout not so lazy

  76. Kootenay labs is good stuff

  77. always out of stock, i grab what i can

  78. cheap price for good stuff!

  79. Good stuff, chill smoke

  80. Good for dab


  82. Love their shatter

  83. Another amazing Kootenay product

  84. Best bang for your buck

  85. Excellent value

  86. My favorite brand, with great price

  87. Overall, I am really impressed with this product

  88. Love it

  89. Kootenay labs for its price has some of the best varieties of shatter to choose from

  90. Peanut butter breath is one of the best !

  91. Great shatter!

  92. Great stuff great price

  93. Good shatter

  94. A+ Shatter no complaints

  95. Easy to use

  96. good quality for the price

  97. snap easy good taste

  98. Bon rapport qualité/prix

  99. Only good words for that price

  100. Great taste N price

  101. Sunset one hits smooth on dab rig at right temp

  102. Good stuff

  103. sour haze gives me a deadly burn out

  104. chemo smells good

  105. Good bang for your buck

  106. Burns nice on the banger

  107. Sour Haze is good

  108. My favorite burns well

  109. Great product!

  110. The indica has a deadly burn out to it

  111. Good stuff, would recommend

  112. Great stuff smells good

  113. Great price!

  114. Will shatter all over

  115. My dad prefers this brand

  116. I like all of them

  117. Burns swell, nice taste

  118. Good for the price

  119. … its alright

  120. Nice high

  121. Good price was right

  122. Good price

  123. Not too sticky but perfect!

  124. Love the variety and effects. Kootenay seems to have some of the most flavourful strains. Good times will be had.

  125. Just ordered some wit all the reviews it must be good

  126. Great stuff for the $$

  127. The taste makes it better

  128. Excellent shatter I will buy more

  129. Nice strain

  130. Burns nice on dab rig with light heat

  131. Favorite

  132. Good smoke and great texture

  133. i like it

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