Disposable Vape Pen (SUPERDANK)

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Contains 500mg of CO2 Oil

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SUPERDANK rechargeable “Pure Vibes” vape pens contain 500mg of Lab Tested CO2, solvent-free full-spectrum cannabis oil. The “Pure Vibes” Pens are rechargeable, have refillable reservoirs, and provide over 150 puffs per refill. Our unique, one of a kind design is available in 12 strains. This product is perfect for the smoker that needs a discreet, slick, and sensible smoking experience.

SUPERDANK Cannabis products are a step higher than the rest. We pride ourselves on top shelf cannabis products at a price point that everyone loves.

15 reviews for Disposable Vape Pen (SUPERDANK)

  1. Just WOW! Pineapple Express taste so good and holy hell does it make you high. This is the real deal, if you want to smoke without the smell while not having to compromise the full effects of the flower then SUPERDANK C02 Oil is for you. A few puffs and you will be feeling the pure vibe : P

  2. I miss the taste of the Haaze pen. I thought this would be the same. I got the GC and am disappointed.

  3. Great for on the dl.

  4. My favorite one

  5. Beautiful little unit, has a nice charger cover and quickly recharges to last longer! It supplies the perfect discrete high on the go

  6. Fabulous …..

  7. goûte mauvais, arrache la gorge et ne buzz pas dutout

  8. Really nice taste and really smooth

  9. Nice high, little smell. Will buy again.

  10. Tried this because there was no Unicorn Hunters of my preferred strain available. Comparing of course.

    The pull is tougher. The size is chunky and heavy. It’s also HALF the amount for the same price which is disappointing to say the least. The high on the purple haze is smooth. The flavour us gentle and earthy.

    Not gonna recommend these disposable vapes unfortunately. Just overall uncomfortable to use.

  11. Smooth cigar-like vaping and can be refilled.

  12. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  13. Ace. Smooth. Tasty. Yep.

  14. Produit très peu de fumée et très peu d’effets également, l’aspiration est différent comme si elle était bouché. Je voulais voir si la qualité allait être meilleur que les vapes a 55$ de 3g et je suis clairement déçu. Plus jamais se type de vape pour moi

  15. Low quality vape, low quality strain 0/5

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