Gummies (Canndy Edibles) – 200mg THC

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200mg THC total
25mg THC per piece
8 x Gummies per pack

Canndy Edibles grew out of a desire to create the leading infused candies in Canada. We have designed these juicy bites of THC based on more than fifteen years of working in the British Columbian cannabis industry. Our passion and history helped us launch a new line of premium edibles unparalleled in terms of flavour and quality. We transform the best bud in the country into bite-size doses of Canndy goodness.

Plus, every Canndy Edible comes packed inside a childproof bag and stamped with a THC warning symbol to keep everyone well-aware of the ingredients. A happy edible experience is an informed one.

Canndy Edibles hit the perfect balance between that nostalgic gummy candy experience and a careful dose of THC. You’ll get an explosion of big juicy flavour in every pack.

This product may melt or soften if exposed to heat. If you receive melted Canndy Gummies please chat with an agent.

70 reviews for Gummies (Canndy Edibles) – 200mg THC

  1. AD

    Taste good

  2. DH

    Great taste and even better price!

  3. TS

    Once you get the package opened, these are yummy cola goodness. Good sized gummies with good taste and accurate dosing.

  4. JK

    There okay hard to tell if they worked or not.

  5. CS

    I got the blue raspberry and they taste/smell like cat piss which was pretty gross. Tho they did get me pretty ripped for only 25 mg. Was definitely couch locked

  6. PB

    good taste, good buzz

  7. ES

    great taste at first but tangy after taste. however, they feel great. will order again 🙂

  8. BH

    Not to bad

  9. RT

    Tasty and a good time

  10. WB


  11. AD

    Good buzz

  12. JT

    They’re very good take one or two when you’re relaxing or trying to watch a movie or just the right amount

  13. JT

    They’re great they taste great to have just the right amount to help me for my pain and I help my wife to sleep

  14. ND

    I didn’t like the taste, too bitter

  15. JB

    Loved the taste of these gummies .Awsome flavours. Espessially the cherry cola.!

  16. JB

    Great taste , but if you have a high tolerance and are looking to get high or feel good effects well you might want to buy somthing else.

  17. WB

    Nice and potent, good for bedtime

  18. JL

    Sooooo good!

  19. TR

    The best edibles they offer four at a time is the way to be. They smell far better than they taste But the high is awesome.

  20. EF

    Good for the weekends.

  21. TS

    the best edibles i have had.

  22. AM

    Dangerously tasty! Took 75mg the first time and it was a great high 100mg put me to sleep 😂 10/10 definitely buying again!

  23. DS

    Awesome flavour!

  24. KM

    very tasty

  25. CK

    Very good

  26. MR

    On sale and was a good price ..

  27. SM

    These are great-tasting and work well! Great for sleep!

  28. AL

    Tastes a bit bitter but potent. Inconsistent between pieces.

  29. JM

    Great texture, great taste, not too planty. Recommend the blue raspberry

  30. JT

    These are perfect for a long day after work not overly too strong nice to relax while you’re cooking dinner

  31. JT

    You can’t go wrong with these popcorn and weigh go they’re great for relaxing or after a long walk just to make your body feel better

  32. MC

    Great taste fun time

  33. ES

    great taste

  34. AC

    great gummies, tasty and potent

  35. ES

    Awesome taste and helps me alooot with comment on the price 🙁

  36. JM

    great high

  37. CH

    Still like dames more

  38. LR

    Wonderful gummies. Nice n fresh .. well made, These hit the spot!

  39. EF

    These are fantastic

  40. MM

    They are delicious!

  41. ES

    always love’em,great taste

  42. KN

    ok need to eat two

  43. ES

    Always consistent with THC levels and taste…best gummies I’ve had yet..

  44. BK

    These are my second favorite gummies I think. Well the blue raspberry ones are the ones I have always had. I like them.

  45. KP

    tastes awesome

  46. ES

    Always love these. Best gummies I’ve had.just wish they would drop in price…

  47. FB

    Très bon au goût et fait la job merci from Québec

  48. MV

    Amazing taste and constant dosage. Great product I recommend.

  49. BS

    Ordered to help me sleep, nice buzz and slept good with 1/3 of a gummy.

  50. JM


  51. KP


  52. KC

    Good flavour, even better buzz

  53. DT

    These are the best candy edibles we’ve ever had! Flavour is amazing and the high is even better!

  54. KP

    great taste and great high

  55. CS

    Absolutely delicious and great high!

  56. CS

    These are my go to favourite.

  57. JK

    Not bad.

  58. SN

    Love these might be my favorite quite powerful for 25mg pieces

  59. CG

    Nice flavor and high

  60. MC

    Great taste

  61. MC

    Great taste

  62. GM

    Powerfull, i guess half a gummy at night Time will ne enough, daytime on complète gummy

  63. PJ

    Perfect high. Not too strong

  64. LA

    Nice buzz.

  65. SG

    Love these as sleep aid!!

  66. JT

    My go to after a long day at work nice and relaxing buzz

  67. LA

    These are fantastic for sleeping at night.

  68. KS

    One of my go to’s! Yummy

  69. DE

    Great relaxing

  70. DE

    Favorite flavour

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